About us

Estera Polymers was started in 2011 with the vision of providing quality floor furnishing solutions throughout the world. We're based out of the port city of Kochi, with our factory at Vaikom, just 30km away.

Currently we supply our products to the US, Europe and Oceania, and through our associate company, Classic Floor Furnishings, we've had more than a decade of experience at providing quality products to these markets. We also have the capability to provide REACH compliant products (coir, rubber and polypropylene) to our European buyers as well as products that adhere to California Prop 65 regulations to our US buyers.

Our factory at Vaikom adheres to all the compliance regulations required by our foreign buyers. Complete with a water treatment plant and waste management facility, it exceeds the strictest standards in the industry through the implementation of sustainable manufacturing processes.

The hallmark of our organization is the quality standards we follow. We ensure that every mat is of the highest quality. This we complement with our service, ensuring all our customers a comfortable experience as we believe in fostering and maintaining an excellent relationship with our business partners.